Hellion 64/66R V-Band Turbocharger


This entire turbocharger package has been developed and designed for increased reliability while improving performance. This increased reliability allows us to deliver an extended 2-year warranty on all units.

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Hellion Turbochargers feature the latest technology and innovation – all in a compact package. The entire turbocharger package has been developed and designed for increased reliability while improving performance.


The next major leap in performance is finally here! Hellion has released the all new next generation of performance turbocharger with the R series. Constructed from the ground up, this lightweight compact-series turbocharger features an all-new quick spool (low drag) ceramic dual ball bearing. The refined air-cooled center section has the latest heat transfer resistance engineered into the assembly and is the most advanced bearing housing available today.

R Series Compressor Features
  • Most advanced compressor wheel aerodynamics adding more blade swept area than other turbo of this size.
  • 4” inlet and 2.5” outlet compressor cover is modernized, enlarged and streamlined to efficiently process the increased flow. Easily interchanged with other common turbos of this frame size – with increased performance.
  • Integrated speed sensor port.
  • Modernized, more robust dual ball bearing air cooled iron bearing housing with integral backplate to resist compressor back plate deflection under heavy loads.

Hellion HT-5862R V-Band Inlet Turbocharger

R Series Turbine Features
  • Most advanced turbine wheel aerodynamics available.
  • Updated modern turbine wheel includes larger diameter dual turbine piston ring for improved oil and gas seal capability.
  • Incredibly strong shaft wheel weld joint for increased durability.
  • Improved housings to maximize the inlet and outlet exhaust flow.
  • .82 A/R  v-band inlet / 3″ v-band outlet single scroll turbine housing.

DISCLAIMER: Hellion’s products are sold for competition vehicles only and are not legal to be sold or installed in the state of California. All performance modifications and installations are at the customer’s own risk and Hellion holds no responsibility for any consequences, legal, or other, of such use and/or misuse.

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